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Divorcing Divas Creates Media Excitement!

Press Coverage of Christine Clifford and Divorcing Divas

“An Interview with Divorcing Divas Founder Christine Clifford” by Wendy Jacobson | Minneapolis Happenings

“Sharing Success Stories” with January Jones on iHeartRadio, June 26, 2014:

Twin Cities Business, September, 2013, “Can Happily Ever After Make Divorce Easier?”:

Natural Awakenings, October, 2013, “Happily Ever After Conference By Divorcing Divas”

First Wives Club, August 15, 2013 “Interview with Christine Clifford”

Edina (MN) Sun Current, June 18, 2013, “Facing Cancer & Divorce With Laughter”

Woman’s Day, January 4, 2013, “What I Wish I Knew Before I Got Divorced”

Minnesota Business, September, 2012, “When I Do Becomes I Don’t: Be Prepared When the End of a Marriage Means the End of a Business Partnership”:

NBC’s KARE 11 Features Christine Clifford, September 25, 2012

Woodbury Magazine, September, 2012, “Divorcing Divas Conference to be Held on October 13th”

GalTime, “Seven Signs You Might Need Marriage Counseling”, August 7, 2012

M.O. What’s Yours? interviews Christine Clifford, April 4, 2012:
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Susan Rich Talks, w4wnradio, February 22, 201, “Love & Lifestyle Show:Divorce and Domestic Abuse”

FORBES, February 10, 2012, “Four Tips for Selling Your Diamond Jewelry”

Victoria Advocate, January 8, 2012, “Tough Economy Forces Woman, Others Into Cooperative Living Situation”

Conscious Discussions Talk Radio, January 3,2012, “Healing Power of Humor”

Working Writers, January 2,2012, “Writers New Year Resolutions” Christine Clifford Responds

Your Tango, December 28, 2011: “Why We Kiss at Midnight on New Year’s Eve” and Christine Clifford’s suggestions if you’re single.

FOX News, December 20, 2011, A Christine Clifford interview “Dealing with Divorce During the Holidays”, Part 1, December 13, 2011: “Healing Humor During Divorce: An Interview with Christine Clifford”, Part 2, December 14, 2011: Divorce & the Holidays, Part 2 of Interview with Christine Clifford:

Daily Comet, December 12, 2011:  “Is New Year’s Eve a Date Night for Singles Today?”

WCCO/CBS, December 10,2011: “Divorce During the Holidays”

Huff Post Divorce, December 5, 2011, “Holiday Divorce Advice: Ten Tips for Weathering the Holidays Post Split,”

Womenetics, November 29, 2011, “Take a Life Crisis, and Add Humor”

Caroline Smailes, In Search of the Journey, November 25, 2011 “Laugh’ Til It Heals”

Huffington Post, November 18, 2011: “Divorce: The Clue Phone Was Ringing… Kim Kardashian Finally Picked Up”

Always a New You, November 14, 2011,  “Heal Your Heart Through Change”

Eden Prairie News, October, 2011: “Divorcing Divas Find Support– and Laughter– at Conference” Read more…